Health Insurance Subrogation: What You Need To Know

What is health insurance subrogation?

It is the process by which insurance companies who have paid for medical bills get their money back from the responsible party's insurer.

"But, isn't an insurance claim supposed to benefit me in my time of need after paying premiums? This doesn't seem very fair."

You are correct, but it is the law when it comes to personal injury recoveries.

When you make a recovery from a bodily injury accident (third party recovery) and your health insurance made payment for treatment that is the basis of your claim - then why is it the law that your health insurance company has a right to YOUR recovery when YOU have paid your health insurance premium?

That is a very good question for members of Congress and our state legislature, many of whom receive contributions from the insurance industry.

What can you do to maximize recovery in spite of subrogation?

You can start by choosing a personal injury attorney at McGowan & Cecil LLC. We can help you sort out subrogation lien issues and maximize your recovery for medical bills, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and other accident-related damages.

Contact us with any questions in regard to subrogation interests related to Medicare, ERISA health lien, worker's compensation liens and a multitude of other liens.

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