Why You Should Get Medical Treatment and Consult an Attorney If You Are Injured In A Motor Vehicle Collision or Other Accident

If you are injured in a motor vehicle collision or other accident you should immediately seek medical treatment. First, early treatment often leads to a quicker and more complete recovery. In addition, some injuries can result in serious complications if not treated immediately.

Second, insurance companies, judges, and juries do not believe that someone can be hurt in a motor vehicle collision or other accident if they do not seek immediate medical treatment. While this is incorrect, ignoring it can be devastating. Many people who are injured in accidents do not seek immediate medical treatment because of the inconvenience, other obligations or because they think that their injuries will get better on their own.

However, if a week after your accident your injuries have not gone away and you still have not seen a health care provider you have significantly reduced your chances of getting fairly compensated for your injuries. This will be the case even if it turns out that you have a serious injury such as a herniated disc in your spine. The insurance company and their attorneys will argue that if you were hurt you would have gone to the doctor immediately after the accident.

If you are injured in a motor vehicle collision or other accident you should also immediately consult an attorney who specializes in personal injury law. They will arm you with the information you need in order to make sure that you are compensated fairly for your injuries. They will make sure that you do not give a statement before consulting an attorney, that you follow up with a healthcare provider for your injuries and that you do not accept a low offer. Remember, insurance companies are in business to make money, they want to pay as little as possible on your claim.

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