Fatal Maryland crash results in conviction of former FBI agent

A recent motor vehicle manslaughter conviction has an unusual defendant: a former FBI agent. The driver, at the time an FBI agent, was not only charged with manslaughter but also six other charges related to the incident. These charges carry a potential sentencing of 13 years.

The auto accident, which occurred in Brandywine, Maryland, took place February of 2011. Lawyers for the deceased victim's family argued the FBI agent, intoxicated and swerving around other vehicles, collided with a car heading onto North Keys Road. This behavior, the plaintiff's lawyer argued, was directly responsible for causing the crash. The accident killed the driver in the other car and seriously injured the passenger. The FBI agent's actions, they argued, amounted to criminal negligence.

Negligence is one of several reasons that could result in a defendant being found guilty or legally responsible in car accident, with others including misconduct or reckless behavior. Alongside the criminal sentencing which will take place later this year, it is a potential option for Maryland family members of the deceased or the injured to file suit against the defendant for compensation. For instance, the injured survivor could file to have the cost of medical bills covered or for emotional and physical pain and suffering.

Family members of someone who has died as a result of a similar car accident could look into seeking legal counsel in regards to a personal injury or wrongful death case in order to claim compensation for their suffering and added expenses. While it cannot always help heal those who are injured or bring back loved ones, compensation may be able to help with coping and moving forward.

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