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OSHA cites employer for 9 safety violations


If you've ever worried about the safety of your workplace, looking further into the situation may be a good idea. One employer in Texas has been cited on multiple occasions for workplace safety violations. Yet, the company continues to operate and employ workers at its Texas facility.

According to a recent report, the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration has inspected the facility more than once. OSHA has cited the company for nine safety violations, including one willful violation, four serious violations, and four repeat violations.

The repeat violations indicate that the company was cited for the same issue within the past five years. These violations are reported to put workers in danger of injury. Serious violations reportedly put workers at risk of death or serious physical harm.

Other employers have likely also been cited for violations like this company. If employees are not aware of these safety hazards, they could become seriously injured or even die as a result of an employer's negligence. This company has 15 days from the date of the inspection to fix the issues addressed in the citations, appeal the citations, or ask to speak with an OSHA director about the inspection and citations.

If an employee were to be injured in the meantime, the employer could potentially be held responsible for the injury, especially as the employer was made aware of the issue during the OSHA inspection. If you have been injured at work because of a safety hazard your employer failed to address, you might want to look into seeking workers' compensation.

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