Civilian killed in military workplace accident

Finding out that your loved one has passed away is hard under any circumstances. Finding out that the death was because of a workplace accident adds, even more, difficulty to the situation. After your loved one has been laid to rest, it might be possible to take legal action to receive compensation for the final expenses and other costs associated with the death. Maryland residents might want to know about a workplace accident that resulted in the untimely death of a civilian diver at a military installation.

The civilian diver was working at the Underwater Explosive Test Facility attempting to retrieve testing equipment when he told his diving mates that he was losing air fast. He was instructed to surface rapidly. He was then to be decompressed. Upon surfacing, he removed his facemask and submerged again. Almost two hours later, he was found. He was taken to Hartford Memorial Hospital on advanced life support and pronounced dead.

His death was the first of three deaths, including the death of two military personnel, within three weeks. The death of the civilian diver is considered accidental. The coroner report states that he died of a "bodily reaction" to an "air embolism in lungs." The Underwater Explosive Test Facility has since been closed.

After investigating the diver's death, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration found seven serious violations, as well as other violations. Neither the Army Test Center nor the Aberdeen Proving Ground contested any of these violations. OSHA isn't responsible for investigating the two military deaths. The Navy is investigating those but has already disciplined five sailors during the course of this ongoing investigation.

Any workplace injury is unfortunate. When that injury leads to death, the situation turns tragic. If you were injured in a workplace accident or have a loved one who died as the result of a workplace injury, compensation might be available. Seeking the advice of an experienced Maryland legal professional can often help to make the necessary legal proceedings less stressful.

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