Construction worker's leg injured by on-the-job accident

In Maryland or elsewhere, working construction can sometimes be a very risky business. It is not uncommon for an on-the-job accident to leave employees crippled or unable to work for extensive periods of time. Especially while maneuvering around heavy equipment, a laborer must constantly be at full attention and aware of the surroundings.

Recently, a road worker was hospitalized after a large vehicle carrying asphalt struck him while backing up. The 56-year-old man was apparently assisting in the installation of a roundabout when the driver of the truck ran him over. As a result of the unfortunate incident, the man's leg was apparently wedged underneath the wheel of the vehicle and violently crushed.

Needless to say, the construction worker was badly hurt and had to be transferred to the hospital by helicopter after the unlucky mishap. Officials have noted that it is still unclear just how severe the man's injuries are. The circumstances surrounding the accident are currently still being investigated.

Though the extent of the injuries that the man sustained have yet to be released, severe damage to his leg could potentially put him out of the job for weeks, months or even longer. In the meantime, the worker may have to worry about living expenses and hospital bills piling up as a direct result of the injury he sustained. In Maryland, workman's compensation is generally maintained by the state, and any that are injured by an on-the-job accident could benefit from speaking to a professional experienced with the common practices regarding it should any difficulty arise.

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