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Denied SSDI benefits applications can be appealed in Maryland


Unfortunately, many individuals that file for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits in Maryland will have their claim initially denied. A denied claim is usually issued not because the filer does not need the benefits, but because they did not have enough evidence, the proper medical documentation or there was some other circumstance that prohibited an individual that needs benefits from obtaining approval.

An experienced attorney can assist individuals both in the initial filing to mitigate the risk of a denied claim, and also in the appeal process. There is a limited window in which an individual is able to appeal the decision. In some instances, a request for reconsideration can mean that a new set of eyes will look at the initial filing as well as any new evidence an individual presents.

An attorney can be beneficial in strengthening the case for an individual by ensuring all the evidence and complicated documents are gathered. Some individuals may not know if the condition with which they struggle that prevents them from being able to work is eligible for fast-track decision and receipt of benefits. An attorney can assist an individual in knowing if they qualify under the Compassionate Allowances List.

As we have previously mentioned, in 2008 a list was compiled in which individuals with certain conditions can receive their decision and benefits in a matter of days rather than months. There are currently 165 conditions on the list, but the Social Security Administration does add conditions to the growing list. An attorney will be well informed of any updates or additions that would be critical when filing or appealing.

When an individual is struggling because they are faced with a debilitating condition preventing them from working, an attorney can be an invaluable advocate in the pursuit of Social Security Disability Insurance benefits in Maryland.

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