Driver taken from scene of Maryland auto accident by helicopter

According to the Maryland State Police, a woman was flown via state police medevac helicopter to a shock trauma center as a precautionary measure after a recent car crash. The auto accident occurred when the woman attempted a U-turn while driving north and another car hit her vehicle. Staff from the local volunteer fire department had to extract the victim from her car. The other driver was transported to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Car accidents are often caused by the negligence of one or more of the drivers involved. This can occur by their failure to act with the appropriate level of care under the circumstances. Drivers who speed excessively, drive while intoxicated or text while driving are not acting responsibly, and if their behavior causes a car crash to occur, then victims injured in that crash may be able to claim compensation from them for damages, such as lost wages, pain, and suffering or medical bills.

There are two primary ways to show that a driver's negligence caused an accident. The first is to utilize whatever police report was produced in response to the incident. Since a police report will contain an officer's observations of the scene, it may contain evidence that a driver was acting irresponsibly at the time of the crash.

The second source of evidence of a driver's negligence can be state and local traffic ordinances. If it can be shown that a driver was not following the "rules of the road," that can be proof that the driver was negligent. Running red lights or failing to signal turns violate traffic laws and can all easily cause crashes as well.

According to state police, the recent Maryland accident remains under investigation.

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