Recent boost in opportunities for individuals with disabilities

There are thousands of individuals that struggle with some sort of disability in Maryland. Very often, such disabilities inhibit individuals from being able to hold a job. Thereby some individuals in Maryland are unable to earn an income to cover even their basic costs of living because of their disability.

With an increase in past months in the number of disability claim filings facing the Social Security Administration, there has been a lot of pressure on the system. While this is difficult for administrators, it is those with disabilities that really suffer as they wait for their benefits or are met with a denied claim.

More opportunities for earning an income for individuals with disabilities could help. It would be critical to be sensitive to such individuals' needs and allow for modifications, but unfortunately, many individuals with a disability are simply unable to find any work that they can manage with their disability.

While unemployment can strike any individual in Maryland -- particularly in a recovering economy -- individuals with disabilities are unemployed at a higher rate than the general population. However, there is good news as the job market does appear to be improving for individuals with disabilities. Reportedly, the unemployment rate for individuals with disabilities dropped in Feb. to 12.3 percent, down from the Jan. rate of 13.7 percent. This is concurrent with the present four-year low unemployment rate of the general population.

Regardless of continuing employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities, there will still be some individuals that are unable under any circumstances to return to work. Thankfully, in such scenarios, individuals with a disability that prevents them from working could be able to receive financial assistance under Social Security Disability Insurance.

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