Police injuries worrisome; training important to officers

A police officer could be injured on the job for any number of reasons, from violent criminals who strike out to car accidents that are minor. Maryland readers might be interested to know that state college police officers take on-the-job training to help prepare for injuries and dangerous situations seriously. It's hoped that this training can help keep officers safe under fire.

A report from Oct. 27 reported that an Oct. 23 incident involved three officers who became involved in a firefight. One of those officers was wounded, and he was left in serious condition. The suspect was arrested a day after the shooting occurred.

The interesting part of the news is that the police don't let an incident like this go by without seeing the purpose and value of additional training. On Oct. 23, the officers also participated in training exercises at the local Centre County Public Safety Training Center. Forty officers from eight different counties participated in the training that focused on preparing for gunfights and shooting incidents. Role play and scenario-based training were parts of this training, and it also helps officers know what to do if someone with a gun is in a school or workplace. With this additional training, it's hoped that the officers can respond in a way that reduces the likelihood of injuries and further violence.

Shootings are difficult to deal with for the officers, their families and the law enforcement agency. High-risk jobs like these can lead to serious injuries and even deaths from gunshot wounds and other attacks. If your or a loved one has been injured at work due to an incident like this one, you should be able to seek medical care without worrying about the financial burden it could become.

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