Death of female announcer may be attributed to doctor mistake

It doesn't matter what kind of reputation or status a doctor has in the community. In Maryland and all other jurisdictions, medical malpractice can occur by the hand of a seasoned veteran or a relative newcomer. No matter at what stage in their career, however, what matters is whether the treatment fell below the minimum standard of care required under the circumstances. If a proven doctor mistake caused injury or death, the doctor is liable for the resulting damages.

In a case in another state, a well-known plastic surgeon is facing a possible lawsuit from the family of a deceased 65-year-old female radio personality. The woman died after wounds from a procedure to remove silicon from her buttocks became infected. The doctor shrugged off the accusations against him, blaming it on the silicone injections into her buttocks that took place four years ago. Instead, he touted his reputation by saying that he is respected and renowned worldwide.

A Miami-Dade medical examiner recently released a blistering report questioning the medical treatment of the Spanish-language radio personality. The decedent's family said they were considering whether to sue the prominent South Florida plastic surgeon. He has at least two other malpractice claims in the past, one of which he settled out of court for an undisclosed sum.

In one of those cases, another woman sustained an infection, but it occurred on her face. In the other case, he left the tip of a medical instrument inside a woman's breast, a clear example of a doctor mistake here in Maryland or anywhere else. The doctor is lambasting the medical examiner who has questioned the radio personality's treatment and death. Those who feel they have been the victims of medical malpractice such as is alleged in this case may wish to pursue a civil lawsuit against the doctor believed to be responsible.

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