Publication rates hospitals on doctor mistake; other errors

Most patients who have suffered a serious health scare may have little time to dwell on the safety of the facility where they are getting or scheduled to receive care. However, according to one recently published report, where a person is treated can make the difference in the possibility of suffering from a doctor mistake. Patients in Maryland who may be facing an upcoming surgery or have other medical issues may benefit by checking the ratings of facilities nearest them.

According to the research that has been collected, a surprising number of patient deaths may have been the result of mistakes made in their treatment after a serious illness or a surgical procedure. Some researchers have estimated that slightly less than half a million people die as a result of such mistakes or hospital based infections. This estimate would equal more that 900 patients dying every day.

The researchers analyzed data from more that 2,500 medical facilities throughout the country in an effort to help citizens decide where to receive the most conscientious care. The facilities were given a rating based on positive or negative outcomes in pre-selected categories. The study indicated that multiple, seemingly insignificant, actions done well would allow a facility to achieve the most successful outcome for patients.

In light of the great danger that a doctor mistake may pose to the future well-being of a patient, the researchers behind the report have stated that knowledge and information can be important elements in obtaining quality care. However, no patient should be subjected to mistakes or negligent care on the part of a trusted physician or medical facility. Residents in Maryland do have the right to file a malpractice complaint against any doctor or medical facility that may have caused them or a loved one to have suffered greater pain and physical harm beyond the initial illness or surgery.

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