Birth injury can change the life of a baby

Delivering a baby is a complex medical procedure and only those medical professionals who specialize in births are allowed to perform them. When a mother who is about to deliver a baby steps inside a hospital or a clinic, the woman expects to receive the best possible care she can get. However, when a birth injury occurs in Maryland or elsewhere, mothers may wonder if they are safe in the hands of obstetricians and doctors.

A medical error during delivery, such as the failure to make critical decisions or performing a C-section when it is needed, could lead to birth injuries. Asphyxiation can lead to cerebral palsy, which can forever change the life of the baby. Birth injuries are sentinel cases, which means that they should never occur.

These preventable medical errors are compensable under medical malpractice claims. Our law firm has helped many parents whose babies were injured during delivery. We thoroughly investigate the medical error in order to determine if the doctor deviated from standard procedures. Any sign of neglect can be used as evidence when filing a claim.

To further bolster the claim, our team of legal professionals works with health care professionals in order to determine how the medical error occurred. We review health care records to determine which procedure led to the injury. Once we have collected substantial evidence, we then determine the appropriate amount of damages to seek in order to help alleviate the pain and suffering of the injured parties.

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