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Medical mistake leads to death of hospital patient


When a patient loses his or her life due to a hospital error in Maryland, the patient's family members have the right to seek justice on behalf of their loved one. One family recently faced this scenario after a hospital in another state reportedly gave a patient incorrect medication. Officials said this medical mistake led to her death.

The 65-year-old woman died after medical staff gave her a paralyzing drug normally used during surgery, rather than a medication used for seizures. The woman quit breathing and, unfortunately, suffered a heart attack, as well as irreversible brain damage. The woman had entered the emergency room a couple of days prior to her death with questions about her medication after having recently undergone brain surgery.

Three of the workers who were involved in the mistake were placed on leave. The hospital is investigating the incident and is currently unsure of how the accident took place. The investigation involves examining all the steps involved in the ordering and administration of medication at the facility, including how medication is mixed and labeled at the pharmacy and how it is delivered to the facilities' nurses.

When someone passes away due to a medical mistake in Maryland, it is within the rights of the family to pursue compensation for associated losses. Punitive damages may also be awarded in cases where egregious fault is found. Even though a financial award cannot restore the life of a loved one, it may help the victim's family to move forward after the tragedy.

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