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Flight crew and business mogul die in fatal on-the-job accident


A fiery airplane crash has resulted in the death of the flight crew, a co-owner of the jet and several guests that were riding on board. The private Gulfstream jet was co-owned by the famous philanthropist and businessman, Lewis Katz, who died in the crash. The three crew members who perished on board in this fatal on-the-job accident had worked for Katz for the last 10 to 15 years. One of the crew hailed from Maryland.

At the site of the crash, tire marks could be seen where the aircraft lost control and exited the runway. The plane crashed through a fence and collided with runway lighting systems. Witnesses described seeing a cloud of fire and smoke and hearing a loud explosion noise. More recent reports indicate that the jet had reached takeoff speeds of 190 mph; however, for unknown reasons it never left the ground.

The accident happened in Bedford, Massachusetts, at Hanscom Field. The bodies of the accident victims were taken out of the plane there by rescue workers. The nose of the aircraft was found on a hillside. The burned up fuselage was found in a ravine.

The smallest mistake can result in a Maryland employee becoming hurt in an on-the-job accident, even a fatal one. In such cases, it does not matter if the accident occurred by land, water or air, if the individual was harmed while performing his or her job duties; the person may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits. If the injury requires time away from work in order to recover, a workers' compensation claim might provide financial assistance for medical care expenses and money for living expenses while the person is unable to work. Families who lose a supporting spouse or relative in a fatal accident may also be entitled to benefits to help them make financial ends meet after losing a contributor to family income.

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