Safe workers in Maryland and elsewhere get new trucks

It pays to be a safe worker when your employer is ValleyCrest, a company with over 11,000 employees and offices from California to Maryland. The landscaping company has been having an annual safety awareness presentation for a few years now, and it goes so far as to give brand new trucks to the employees they determine are the safest.

On the whole, the company has given out 59 new trucks. They have been doing this for the past 12 years. On the 2014 National Safety Awareness Day, four more employees were added to the ranks of those who have been given this honor.

In order to be entered into the drawing that determines who will get a free truck, the workers have to be full-time employees. On top of that, the office for which they work has to meet the safety requirements that the company set. Finally, they must have worked for the last year and not have been in a single accident that was deemed to be preventable. This year, over 4,000 employees entered their names.

One man who was chosen works as a crew leader. He is employed in Clarksburg, Maryland, and he works for the Maintenance Division. He has been an employee of ValleyCrest Landscape for a half a dozen years.

While it is important for workers to be committed to safety, it is also important to note that all work hazards cannot be avoided, as evidenced by the fact that workers were only barred from the drawing for preventable accidents. Any workers who have been hurt in accidents that they could not avoid should know their legal rights.

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