Driver inured on the job in Maryland

When you're hurt at work, you deserve to have your medical needs taken care of. As a truck driver, you can be injured on the job in a variety of ways, and many people don't think about trucks as being a work space. It is, though, and if you're hurt while driving, you may be able to seek workers' compensation that will cover your medical bills and missed work hours.

In this case, it's easy to see how you can get hurt while driving even when no accident with another vehicle takes place. According to the news from Feb. 22, a tractor-trailer overturned when its tire blew out on eastbound Interstate 70 at Route 63 near Hagerstown, Maryland. When a tire blows, it's not unusual to lose control of the vehicle, and in this case, the early-morning accident did result in injuries.

The story claims that the accident happened at approximately 6:56 a.m., around the time when the morning rush takes place. The tire blowout allegedly led to the driver losing control, and that resulted in him hitting a construction barrier on the right-hand shoulder. The man was lucky to have been alive following the accident, because after hitting the barrier, he went back across the eastbound lanes and hit a guardrail. He rolled in the vehicle and landed in the median strip according to the records from the police on the scene.

The 37-year-old driver survived the accident, but he did have to be treated at the Meritus Medical Center close to Hagerstown. According to reports, the man was not a patient at the hospital on Feb. 23, just a day after the accident. Despite this, he may need medical bills covered and injuries treated on an ongoing basis, and that's where workers' compensation could come in. However, if his employer is found to share some responsibility for the accident and the driver's injuries, a civil action may be possible against the employer.

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