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Accident involving sheriff's car injures three


Like other states, Maryland has its share of car accidents, injured motorists and pedestrians and people killed. Many factors contribute to motor vehicle accidents, and one of the most prominent is driver negligence. Car accidents caused by driver negligence often destroy vehicles and other property as well as injure and kill people. The injured parties may be entitled to compensation if a driver acted with negligence.

In Prince Frederick, a recent car collision involving an unmarked Calvert County Sheriff's Department vehicle and another vehicle left three people injured. According to the sheriff's department, a Toyota Corolla attempted to turn north out of a parking lot onto North Prince Boulevard when it was hit by the deputy's Chevy Tahoe shortly before 6:00 in the evening. Both the driver of the Toyota, a 30-yer-old male, and his passenger, a 65-year-old woman, were seriously injured and taken to an area hospital. The woman was later flown to a hospital in a neighboring state. The deputy sustained minor injuries. The sheriff's crash team is investigating the incident.

After a car accident such as this one, authorities work to determine how it occurred. One principal determination is whether any of the drivers involved acted negligently before the crash. Any evidence of erratic or distracted driving, speeding or lack of attention to the road will generally be reported by law enforcement officials. The information can be used in filing a personal injury claim.

A personal injury claim is typically filed to secure compensation for injuries sustained in a crash. Victims can list all of their losses in their claim, including medical expenses and lost wages. They can settle a case out of court by negotiating with the responsible parties and their legal counsel or insurance company. The injured parties should have their cases reviewed by knowledgeable legal professionals to maximize their compensation.

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