Death of patient alleged due to negligence and medical mistake

When a medical facility in Maryland doesn't exercise appropriate care when tending to a patient, this can result in the patient's death. Unfortunately, the death of one patient, said to be 21, recently occurred after her parents said she received improper care at a hospital in another state that may have been negligent and made a medical mistake. The parents are now suing the facility, alleging that their daughter died from liver and brain issues because she didn't get appropriate care following the deterioration of her health.

The situation began when the woman went to the hospital due to experiencing vomiting, nausea and stomach pain as well as having lost her appetite for a couple of weeks. One doctor didn't find any abnormalities via ultrasound, but another one said that her liver was intensely inflamed. She was later diagnosed with brain swelling and liver failure.

One physician assistant ended up placing a certain device in the woman's brain in order to drain the brain rather than having a neurologist do this; the assistant also improperly inserted a monitor in the brain, according to the claim. The family asked them to transfer the woman to a different hospital with a more capable staff. However, the hospital refused to do so, and the woman died three days following her admission to the facility.

In their lawsuit, the woman's parents claim that the hospital was negligent, inflicted emotional distress and caused a wrongful death. They are seeking damages that have not been specified. The parents claim that the woman died because the hospital did not administer care competently, didn't diagnose or treat her complications in an accurate manner and didn't transfer her to the right facility for treatment. If a medical mistake causes the death of a patient, the family has the right to explore all of their legal options in an effort to right any wrong done in Maryland.

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