Joan Rivers' daughter to file medical mistake lawsuit

Medical malpractice in Maryland can result in serious injuries and even death. In one high-profile, out-of-state case, the daughter of late comedian Joan Rivers is planning to file a medical malpractice suit against an endoscopy clinic at which the entertainer reportedly ended up in a coma while going through a throat procedure. Daughter Melissa Rivers plans to sue for millions of dollars in the medical mistake case.

The clinic and the doctors who took part in Joan's procedure will likely be charged with not correctly monitoring Joan's Propofol, which is a sedative that is administered prior to the routine procedure. This is the exact same drug with which late entertainer Michael Jackson experienced an overdose. Joan's health care records will have to be obtained before a wrongful death and medical malpractice case is filed.

The paperwork for the lawsuit is currently being finalized. Joan died in September 2014 after experiencing cardiac arrest in the clinic in August. At the time of her death, Joan was 81 years old.

Malpractice suits can be challenging to win since any medical procedure inherently carries risks. However, if a doctor was negligent and failed to exercise a reasonable degree of care when caring for a patient, this is grounds for a medical mistake suit. Compensatory damages may be awarded to the surviving family members of a deceased patient if proof exists that the doctor was careless. The monetary award might help the family to cover their loved one's funeral expenses and other losses tied to the incident in Maryland.

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