Car accident kills five people in Prince Georges County

Unfortunately, Prince Georges County, Maryland, is home to many auto accidents, often resulting from a driver's lack of experience, failure to follow local and state traffic laws, drunk driving or other reckless behaviors. Car accidents can cause immense pain to people, especially if they resulted in fatalities. Such is the case in a recent car collision that occurred in Prince Georges County.

Based on a report, last Friday an Acura was stopped at a red light when a Mercedes rear-ended the first car. The crash killed the occupants inside the Acura, two women aged 32 and 35, and two children aged one and 13. A 21-year-old passenger in the Mercedes also died in the collision. The crash spared one passenger inside the Mercedes and the two drivers. The passenger sustained non-life threatening injuries, while one of the drivers sustained life-threatening injuries. Police officers continue to investigate the accident.

Cases like this one are difficult to deal with, especially for the surviving family members of the deceased. They have to wait for the results of the investigation before they can decide which legal option should be taken. In some car accidents, police presses charges to those people who were responsible in the mishap.

For example, a drunk driver who caused the collision can be charged with drunk driving or receive citations after the mishap. Victims and their families can still file legal complaints against the responsible parties, even though they are already facing criminal charges. Depending on the situation, the victims and their families may file personal injury or wrongful death claims, allowing them to seek damages based on their incurred losses.

Local readers dealing with similar cases should not be afraid to search for legal options that can bring them relief. With legal advice, car accident victims and their families can protect their rights and obtain the compensation they deserve.

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