Alleged medical mistake leads to death of unborn child

During pregnancy, women in Maryland expect their doctors to provide sound advice and care, both for their own sakes and that of their unborn children. A medical mistake may mean injuries or death to either a mother or a baby. One woman in another state recently lost her baby because of a doctor's alleged negligence.

According to a complaint that was filed by a state medical board, a pregnant woman ended up in the hospital and underwent an emergency C-section after complaining of abdominal pain. She was 36-weeks pregnant at the time. By the time the baby was delivered, it had already passed away.

The complaint said that the woman's obstetrician did not deliver her baby earlier even though there were indications of fetal distress the day prior to the surgery. The state medical board additionally claimed that the doctor did not document the woman's medical history or make a record of all of the care he had provided during her patient visits. The woman had a pregnancy that was considered high risk, as she had a history of gestational diabetes and hypertension, along with other health issues. The doctor has been accused of negligent behavior and may lose his right to practice medicine.

When a medical mistake leads to an injury or death in Maryland, an injured party has the right to explore all of his or her legal options for righting the wrong. This may include seeking financial damages. The family members of a loved one who died at the hands of a doctor may also seek compensation for the damages resulting from the incident.

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