What benefits can I pursue in a workers' compensation claim?

Most seriously injured workers in the state of Maryland have the ability to pursue workers' compensation benefits. The most important question that an injured worker wants to know the answer of relating to workers' compensation is what his or her benefits will likely include. To get a sense of what the answer to this question might be in your case, it is important to know the full scope of what Maryland injured worker benefits include.

Typically, injured workers can get compensation to help them pay for the cost of their medical care stemming from their injuries and/or illnesses. Income replacement is also very helpful to injured workers who are unable to keep working while recovering from their injuries. Workers who suffer permanent injury that prevents them from going back to work, might be entitled to benefits that help them pay for retraining for a new skill. Similarly, if a worker suffers a permanent injury or disability, compensation may also be available.

Permanently and temporarily disabled workers are usually very curious to know what they can receive in terms of wage replacement. In a lot of cases, workers can try to qualify for wage replacement of two-thirds of their average income. Although this appears modest at first, one must remember that workers' compensation benefits are tax-free, so it may be closer to the original salary than one might initially think.

Last, but not least, spouses and dependents of workers who were killed in a work-related accident may be able to seek survivors' benefits. Survivors' benefits could be a very important way for families to stay financially afloat following the sudden loss of a primary contributor to family incomes.

Injured workers must remember that even though all these benefits are available, it does not mean that they will automatically be awarded the benefits they deserve. This is where a legal claim may be necessary to assert a workers' right to injury benefits under the law.

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