Workplace safety is important even in office settings

For some reason, it's easier to imagine people working in the construction or manufacturing industries as being exceptionally prone to workplace accidents. While it's true that any job requiring a hardhat can be dangerous, safety hazards also exist within many office environments.

In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 80,410 administrative workers and others toiling in private-sector office jobs suffered workplace injuries in 2008. Sadly, the BLS says that many of these accidents might have been avoided if managers had simply known how to spot potential hazards and take preventative actions to limit the risks to workers. The following are some other important tips and information regarding office workplace safety:

-- Falls represent the largest cause of injuries that occur in offices. In 2008, the BLS says that fall-related accidents injured 25,790 office employees. According to the National Safety Council, falls occurring in office settings are 2.5 times more likely to leave a person injured while working in those offices disabled as anywhere else.

-- Standing on office chairs instead of using stepladders is a dangerous practice.

-- Making sure that rugs and other floor coverings are properly secured to the floor can prevent many tripping hazards throughout the office. Nonslip adhesive backing and other nonslip materials can prevent these items from shifting when workers walk on them. Additionally, preventing people from stretching extension cords across walkways can also reduce tripping.

Although this is not a complete listing of every safety precaution, it does show that an employer's proactive stance towards eliminating potential hazards can go a long way towards improving office workplace safety.

It's also important to know that workplace accidents are still going to happen in some capacity, even if every business owner and employee in Maryland followed every safety regulation. The good news is that in most circumstances, injured workers are entitled to workers' compensation benefits for their work-related accidents. Those injured workers might also be entitled to sue individuals besides their employers who may have contributed to their injuries. Your Maryland workers' compensation attorney can meet with you to help decide which of these remedies is right for your particular situation.

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