Rail accident leaves around 30 injured in Maryland

Imagine working as a train conductor on a railway system. You are limited to staying on the railroad tracks, and you have speeds that you're aiming to keep. Crossing signals indicate when you're going to be entering a crossroads, so drivers should be aware that you're coming down the track.

Sometimes, drivers aren't paying attention or take risks they shouldn't. That may be what happened in this case from Feb. 27. According to the article out of Maryland, a driver collided with a light rail train as it was passing between two stations, Patapsco and Camden Yards.

The driver of the car was injured and had to be taken to Shock Trauma for treatment. Inside the train, around 30 people inside reported minor injuries to authorities. The train was badly damaged, requiring a tow from the crash site to a rail yard where it can be repaired.

Rail service was able to be re-initiated after the train and car were removed from the scene, but this accident does point out some important thoughts about working as a railway employee. Working in the front of the train, you're likely to be the first person to feel the impact of a collision. An accident on the job like this could result in serious injuries for you and anyone else involved, since the train travels at high speeds and could potentially be derailed.

Even a minor accident can result in injuries to those on board. Safety protocols are in place to prevent these accidents, but if you get hurt due to a driver's negligence near the tracks, then you may have to be the one to suffer the consequences of those actions.

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