What information do I need for my SSD work history report?

As part of the application process, you will need to submit a work history report. To prevent an unnecessary denial, it is important to understand what information you will need to provide in that report. According to Social Security, the report must contain data for the past 15 years that includes the following:

  • Hours worked
  • Job title
  • Pay rate
  • Dates worked
  • Type of business

In addition to general information, the form will ask you about any management activities you engaged in as part of your job. If you were asked to supervise people, you will need to state whether you fired employees, hired anyone and how much of your work time was spent in this capacity.

Another section on the form for each job will inquire about the physical aspects of the job. This includes how many hours that you handled small objects, sat, stood, crawled, climbed, stooped and knelt each day. If your job duties required any lifting, you need to indicate what the heaviest object you handled was. For example, if you worked as a delivery driver and on occasion, you would lift boxes weighing 90 pounds, then you would check that amount. You will also need to estimate the average amount that you lifted for that job, how far you would carry those items, the frequency of this action and what the items were.

The last portion that you will need to provide information for relates to the use of any machinery, tools, filling out of reports and writing. Your technical knowledge will also have to be documented. When filling out the report, it is important to be as honest as you can to avoid any problems later on.

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