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New report centers on teens and depression


For people in Maryland who experience clinical depression, it can be hard for them to learn how to cope with their condition. The National Institute of Mental Health states that it is important for people to understand that there are others who experience what they are feeling and thinking. There are different levels of the illness – some people may just lose energy or feel uninterested in normal activities while others may have thoughts of suicide and struggle with overwhelming feelings of hopelessness.

A new report states that for teens who are experiencing depression, they may find themselves struggling to concentrate on things. Some may develop issues with eating or sleeping. Most simply have no real interest in the things they enjoyed doing and feel depressed. If the symptoms persist for two weeks or longer, the depression is categorized as a major depressive episode.

In such cases, it is important for the teen to get help. Community members, teachers and parents need to pay attention to the warning signs as getting treatment early is important. It is also vital that they receive the right treatment for their illness. The report gathered data concerning teens and a major bout of depression, and found that almost 3 million experienced the illness between 2013 and 2014.

A mental health problem can be a debilitating condition that renders sufferers unable to hold down a job or support themselves and their families. In situations where the person is left disabled, they may be able to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. An experienced attorney can help them understand what is needed for the application process.

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