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What are the requirements for SSDI benefits?


Social Security Disability Insurance is designed to assist people who have been a part of the workforce for a period of time but have sustained a life-changing disability that restricts their work abilities. At McGowan & Cecil LLC, we know that not everyone is eligible for SSDI benefits and that filing an application can be a tedious process. Those who do qualify for benefits in Maryland, however, may find the financial assistance extremely helpful, especially when struggling to make ends meet.

First, the disabled worker must be diagnosed with a medical condition or ailment that doctors predict will continue for at least one year or that will ultimately result in the person’s death. Next, the worker must pass two work tests that determine how many years the disabled employee worked in comparison to their current age.

In order to verify the medical condition, the SSA may contact the applicant’s physicians and determine when the condition began, the results of medical tests, how the condition limits the patient’s ability to perform tasks and what types of treatment they have received.

If the applicant is currently working and is making over a certain income each month, the SSA may deny the employee disability benefits. Furthermore, the condition must be labeled as severe, which means that the patient cannot perform his or her work activities because of the ailment. The applicant must be unable to engage in the work that they did prior to becoming disabled and must have certain difficulties working in any other type of position in order to be considered eligible for benefits.

Trying to make ends meet while living with a disability can be overwhelming at times. Visit our page on Social Security Disability Insurance for more information on how to file for benefits.

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