Daylight savings time certainly not saving on workplace accidents

Many Maryland residents are happy to see the dark days of winter lightening as we gain more hours of sunlight. This Sunday makes the beginning of daylight savings time, which means that at 2 a.m. the clocks will jump forward an hour. While the extended sunlight in the evening is welcome for many, the loss of an hour of sleep can also make Monday morning painful.

In fact, this loss of an hour of sleep is more critical than some may realize. Across the country, including here in Maryland, studies show an influx of negative events the week following the beginning of daylight savings time each spring. Reportedly, next week more individuals will suffer from:

  • Heart attacks
  • Car accidents
  • Workplace accidents

Groggy workers are a serious risk in workplaces across Maryland. A lack of sleep can inhibit cognitive functioning and reaction time among workers in various fields. The risk of an office worker nodding off in front a computer screen may seem pretty low impact, however, the risk of an industrial or construction worker nodding off while operating heavy machinery could have far more disastrous consequences.

Sleep specialists say that going to bed 15 minutes earlier each night during the week preceding the beginning of daylight savings time can help workers account for the adjustment that will come on Sunday.

However, even a well rested worker in Maryland could be at risk from a workplace injury following an accident caused by a groggy coworker. Thankfully, in the event of the worst, an injured worker in Maryland can financially recover for lost wages and medical expenses following a workplace accident that results in injury.

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