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Man injured when loader fell onto him in construction accident


In Maryland, a workplace accident can be the result of many problems on site. In a recent news release from Oct. 31, a man was injured by a skid loader that fell on him while he was working in a trench in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Although this didn't happen nearby, it's fair to say that construction accidents could happen near where you live as well, and they could involve you or your loved ones if you're caught in an unsafe situation.

According to the news from the day of the accident, the incident occurred at around 8:30 a.m. The man was allegedly working in a trench located at 189 Attucks Lane when a skid loader fell on him where he was working. A skid loader, an incredibly heavy piece of equipment, can cause serious harm, but this man was fortunate in that his injuries were not believed to be life-threatening. However, an off-duty Hyannis firefighter-paramedic who nearby did have to dig the man out from under the loader, and he was able to do so before the ambulance crew arrived on the scene.

There had been two men in the trench when the skid loader fell into it, but the other man escaped without injury, according to the news. The injured man was trapped by his leg, and he was then taken to Cape Cod Hospital for the treatment of his injuries.

This accident happened suddenly, and it may have been preventable. In any kind of construction environment, the risk of falls, crushing, or cuts are great, and it's absolutely vital to be aware of your surroundings. If you've been injured, you do have the right to workers compensation, and if you have trouble receiving it, there may be steps you can take to make sure you're taken care of.

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