Why applying for SSD is often worth the effort

Last week, we discussed how beneficiary hopefuls can appeal initial denials of their applications. We acknowledge that oftentimes applying forSocial Security Disability (SSD) can be a challenging and frustrating process. However, qualified applicants can often reap such substantial benefits that it is often very much worth the trouble of applying and appealing when necessary.

Why are SSD benefits worth the effort of applying? Because they can help disabled persons not only make ends meet, but also obtain the care that they require. Not all services that benefit disabled individuals are covered under insurance plans. SSD benefits can provide the financial resources for such care.

Once your benefits are approved, you will begin receiving compensation starting in the sixth full month post-disability. Benefits may also extend to your dependents and your spouse or divorced spouse in certain cases. For many individuals, these benefits mean the difference between receiving necessary care and going without.

If you have a severe medical impairment that is expected to last one year or more and prevents you from performing work that may be characterized as substantial, gainful employment, you may qualify for SSD benefits. There is an eligibility requirement involved in the process involving work credits. But if you have been working for more than a few years, you will likely qualify.

Please contact an experienced attorney with any questions you may have. Applying for SSD may be a temporarily frustrating process, but it can result in substantial benefits. Sometimes a little work upfront is worth the rewards that the effort brings in the end.

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