Couple claims doctor mistake caused death of patient

Before gaining a license, doctors are required to undergo years of intense training. This training is imperative because even the slightest of miscalculations can have long-term repercussions for a patient. Because of the potential consequences of a doctor mistake, a surviving family in Maryland and other states who believe that a doctor's mistake led to the death of a loved one have the right to seek legal recourse. According to a lawsuit recently filed, such a mistake led to tragic consequences for one family.

In a case filed in early December, the plaintiffs claimed that a doctor treating their son was guilty of medical malpractice. Documents indicate that the patient was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease. The doctor apparently began treatment for that disorder.

Unfortunately, the patient later died. His parents claim that an autopsy disproved the doctor's diagnosis, and the patient died from issues related to his pancreas. His parents claim that the doctor's prescribed treatment for the autoimmune disease may have caused some of the issues with the patient's pancreas, leading to his death. They claim that the doctor failed to obtain a full medical history and take all evidence into consideration .

The loss of a child is always a heartbreaking experience. However, by taking legal action in this case, the parents may be able to prevent a similar doctor mistake in the future, sparing parents from the same heartache. While most doctors in Maryland are well-trained and passionate about their patients, all medical care providers must be constantly aware that the smallest mistake can have devastating consequences for their patients.

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