Avoiding a workplace accident in Maryland

There is no way to completely eradicate the risk of being involved in a Maryland work accident -- especially if the job you are doing is particularly dangerous. However, being aware of some of the most common work accidents may be able to help an individual stay safe and avoid getting into one.

At McGowen & Cecil, LLC, we handle all manner of worker accident cases. The most common include falls off of scaffolding and ladders. We also see a great deal of crane, forklift and other types of heavy machinery injuries. Table saw accidents are also quite common and involve the loss of fingers, toes, hands and other appendages. Falling objects, burns, chemical exposure, slips and falls, cave-ins and uncovered holes causing falls are also quite common, and there are many more.

Those who have suffered injury in a workplace accident may be able to seek benefits by way of a workers' compensation claim. Indeed, Maryland's state-subsidized workers' compensation insurance will apply in most workplace accident scenarios. Benefits received through a successfully navigated workers' compensation claim may include compensation for medical care and money to help with living expenses during time spent temporarily disabled. Individuals with permanent disabilities can also qualify for special benefits in some situations.

McGowan & Cecil, LLC, is proud to represent Maryland's workers to help them qualify for the highest level of workers' compensation benefits available. Best of all, initial consolations at our firm are completely free of charge. We look forward to speaking with you soon and possibly representing you in obtaining the compensation and benefits you deserve.

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