Unable to work, time isn't a luxury afforded to disabled U.S. workers

Many Maryland residents take their good health for granted. It isn't until an individual is stricken with the flu or sprains an ankle that he or she can, on some level, appreciate the difficulties and hardships experienced by individuals who have a serious medical condition or are physically disabled.

From a nurse who suffers a severe back injury to an office worker who struggles with severe depression to an executive who learns she has stage III breast cancer, health is often a relative term. In cases where an injury, condition or illness is severe in nature and inhibits an individual physically or mentally, he or she is often unable to work.

With no source of income, it doesn't take long before an individual is struggling to pay the monthly rent or mortgage. Additionally, affording even basic necessities like food, clothing, and medicine often isn't possible without some type of help or assistance.

Disabled U.S. workers who qualify may receive monthly benefits through the Social Security Administration's Disability Program. Social Security Disability Insurance provides much-needed monthly income to individuals who, due to a disability, are not able to work and earn an income.

Individuals who apply for SSDI benefits are often discouraged by the complex and lengthy process. Many applications for SSDI benefits are initially denied and the appeals process can take years. For disabled individuals who are struggling to make ends meet, securing SSDI benefits in a timely manner is critical.

An attorney who is familiar with the SSDI claims process can help ensure an individual's application is complete and help improve one's chances of submitting a successful claim. Additionally, an attorney can provide advice and assistance to individuals who plan to appeal a denied SSDI claim.

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